Valentines Day



Valentines Day

While there’s no need to spend a fortune on redecorating your restaurant for one evening, you should make a concerted effort to create a distinctive atmosphere and fresh look. After all, people who choose to go out on Valentine’s day, are looking for an overall experience above and beyond enjoying a special meal. They may not have ideas about how to decorate for the holiday at home and are counting on you to set the scene and help get them into the mood.

If you are aiming for understated elegance and romantic intimacy, flowers and candles will give an entirely different feel to your dining room. Why not partner with a local florist to prepare a beautiful centerpiece bouquet for the bar. Try setting  small glass bud vases with single flowers on each table; while people tend to think of red roses exclusively for Valentine's day there are actually many flowers that are associated with love in its diverse forms. For example, Ranunculi are supposed to symbolize charm and attraction, while Alstroemeria are for friendship and devotion and tulips are for “perfect” love

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